We are happy to provide consultancy services.

Gas-filled hollow fibre systems

We offer the design and installation of gas-filled hollow fibre setups for pulse compression, spectral broadening and frequency conversion, including to the vacuum and deep ultraviolet. This includes systems based on our HISOL concept using stretched hollow capillary fibres, and also systems based on hollow-core microstructured fibres.

Modelling of light propagation in optical fibres

Modelling of light propagation in hollow fibres with our unique software. This work can include, for example: the design and optimization of a multitude of frequency conversion and supercontinuum generation schemes in optical fibres, including conventional photonic crystal fibre and gas-filled optical fibres; optimization of spectral flatness, noise instabilities, and polarization evolution in supercontinuum systems; parameter region optimization (i.e. reducing sensitivity to pump pulse and environmental conditions).


Design and construction of our specialised instruments, such as state of the art FROG and XFROG devices, including SHG, SFG and SD devices covering the UV to infrared.

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