The Laboratory of Ultrafast Physics and Optics @ Heriot-Watt Univeristy

LUPO was established at Heriot-Watt University in 2016, by John Travers, to investigate ultrafast optical electronics with laser pulses through experiment and numerical modelling.

Much of our work concerns the production of new light sources through ultrafast nonlinear optics, especially in the extended propagation regime (i.e. fibres, hollow-waveguides and filamentation). We then apply these sources to study fundamental linear and nonlinear light-matter interaction using advanced ultrafast spectroscopy techniques, both in-house and through collaborations.

Full details can be found on our project pages.

For updates on our progress as we build our lab and begin our work, take a look at our news page.

We have been established with over €2m funding from the European Research Council and start-up funding from the university. And are currently recruiting excellent students for PhD positions and experienced scientists for post-doctoral positions. Full details can be found here.