LUPO Projects

HISOL & XSOL: High-energy soliton dynamics in hollow capillary fibres
High-energy soliton dynamics in hollow capillary fibres for self-compression to sub-femtosecond optical attosecond pulses and the generation of few-femtosecond deep and vacuum ultraviolet pulses.
Nonlinear optics in hollow-core microstructured fibres
Nonlinear optics in gas-filled hollow-core microstructured fibres to generate new light sources for applications in healthcare, advanced manufacturing, and the semiconductor industry.
Ultrafast ultraviolet spectroscopy
We collaborate with multiple world-renowed ultrafast spectroscopy groups on the use of our light-source technologies for new discovery science.
Ultrafast optics & instrumentation
New techniques for the characterization and application of ultrafast optical pulses.
Numerical modelling
We develop a world-leading nonlinear pulse propagation code.