Ultrafast optics & instrumentation

Funded by: EPSRC, ERC

New techniques for the characterization and application of ultrafast optical pulses

We are continuously developing new ultrafast science and technology. Including

  • Fundamental dynamical studies of ultrafast material response to laser pulses
  • Imagining and testing new ideas in ultrafast nonlinear optics, such as
    • New frequency conversion, pulse compression and mode-locking techniques
    • Investigating novel soliton dynamics, such as their interaction with plasma, Raman-active molecules and strong-field effects
    • Studying new regimes of ultrafast Raman interaction and four-wave mixing in gases
  • Developing new strategies for CEP stabilization
  • Work on high power fiber amplifier systems to pump OPCPAs
  • Designing pulse and spectral characterization devices spanning the soft-Xray to Mid-IR range

For information of some of the characterisation devices and ultrafast optical beam-line technology we have developed, see our facilities section.