Optical solitons in hollow-core fibres


I review the historical observation and subsequent research on optical soliton dynamics in gas-filled hollow-core optical fibres. I include both large-core hollow capillary fibres, and hollow-core photonic-crystal or microstructured fibres with smaller cores, in particular photonic bandgap and antiresonant guiding fibres. I discuss how the optical guidance properties of these different fibre structures influence the soliton dynamics that can be obtained. The dynamics I consider include: soliton propagation at peak power levels ranging from the megawatt to terawatt level, and pulse energies from sub-microjoule to millijoule range; pulse self-compression, leading to sub-cycle and sub-femtosecond pulse duration; soliton self-frequency shifting due to both the Raman effect, and the influence of photoionisation and plasma formation; and resonant dispersive wave emission, leading to the generation of tuneable few-femtosecond pulses across the vacuum and deep ultraviolet, visible, and near-infrared spectral regions.

Optics Communications 555 130191 (2024)
John C. Travers
John C. Travers
Professor of Physics