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Some peculiar nonlinear dynamics in gas-filled hollow-core fibres
Progress in Ultrafast Optics Using Hollow-Core Fibres
Direct Generation of 4-GW Few-Cycle Visible Pulses in a Large-Core Capillary Fiber
Soliton self-compression based HHG driver for water-window transient absorption experiments
Recent progress in fiber-based supercontinuum sources
Multimodal hollow-core fibers: a new route for few-cycle visible pulse generation
4-GW Few-Cycle Visible Pulse Generation via Fiber Mode Mixing
Higher-order-mode soliton dynamics in gas-filled hollow capillary fibres


Few-Cycle Visible Light Generation in a Hollow-Core Fiber
Advances in nonlinear optics in gas-filled hollow-core fibers
New developments in gas-filled hollow-fibre nonlinear optics
Progress in Soliton Dynamics in Hollow Capillary Fibres


High-Energy Infrared Soliton Dynamics in Hollow Capillary Fibres
Generation of Broadband Circularly Polarized Deep-Ultraviolet Pulses in Hollow Capillary Fibers
Soliton dynamics in hollow capillary fibres


Optical attosecond pulses and bright ultraviolet generation from soliton dynamics
Dispersion tuning of nonlinear dynamics in gas-filled capillary fibres
Soliton Self-Compression and UV Dispersive Wave Emission in Compact Hollow Capillary Systems
Soliton Self-Compression in Hollow Capillary Fibres
A New High-Brightness Ultrafast Vacuum-Ultraviolet Light-Source